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Herbal medicine is the oldest form of healthcare that everyone knows. Throughout history, herbs had been used by all cultures in this world. This is the important part of the world modern civilization development because it is discovered by primitive man. Before the development of this modern world, primitive men will use plants as food provider, shelter, clothing and also medicine. They discovered the medicine from plants through observation and by trial and error.

As the time moving, each tribe added the medicinal power of herbs in their knowledgebase. They collected information of the herbs methodically and developed well-defined herbal pharmacopoeias.

In the 20th century, many of the scientific medicine pharmacopoeias were derived from the herbal lore of native peoples. Many drugs that commonly used nowadays are from herbal origin. About 25% of the prescription drugs dispensed from United States contain at least one active ingredient derived from plant material where some are made from plants extracts and some are synthesized to mimic a natural plant compound.

When people talk about medicine and health, China is a country that is synonymous to that. It is because of their use of rejuvenating herbs. Without a doubt, much evident show that herb can help improving our quality of health. Chinese believe that proper diet and exercises, meditation and the careful use of herbs can prevent and treating diseases.  Besides that, it will restore our body's proper balance and also maintaining the optimum health.

Thus, if you have any major health problems, do not hesitate to come to THETOLE ACUPUNCTURE-HERBAL MEDICAL CENTRE SDN BHD because they provided the greatest acupuncture treatment for many kinds of diseases and illnesses. Moreover, THETOLE Acupuncture Treatment has already reached the 4th generation in Malaysia. So, a lot of quality and effective herbs have been produced. All the herbal herbs ingredients are inherited from Master's ancestors.


Other than that, TheTole also provide courier service for online ordering herbs . This is to simplify the people around the world in making their herbs order. No matter where you are, you still can email or WhatsApp to them all your medical reports, diagnosis report and any other document about your health problem so that Masters can prescribe you the suitable and the best herbs for your disease and illnesses. You can also send to them any comment and they will take note of it.



In the awareness on the rise of coronavirus and Influenza A, remember that prevention is always better than cure.

Practise good hygiene habit such as wash hands before eating, separating clothes after going out in public and wash those clothes as soon as possible. Do wear a mask when in public.

To order herbs to boost immunity:

If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms:


“.... it’s not only about acupuncture, I also recommend herbs to complement the therapy and advise them on lifestyle changes,” said Leong Hong Tole, one of the well-known acupuncturist in Malaysia during an interview with THE STAR NEWSPAPER recently. more




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